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 The skills being taught during our functions are a way for the children to approach life’s challenges and questions, helping them feel more secure in their decisions, building their self-esteem, helping to create positive attitudes and helping them to embrace life with more confidence.  They feel connected to the horses and other students, learning how to value, honor and respect horses and humans in ways they hadn’t imagined.  They develop horsemanship skills, leadership skills and social skills, but most importantly, they will become inspired leaders and generous of heart…

Because of generous donors  ALL activities are FREE to participants so no one excluded! All donations are welcome and no donation is too small!  To contribute to changing lives and healing hearts, please donate here.

Between Horses and Humans (BHH) is a non-profit organization teaching leadership through horsemanship to at-risk and troubled children and youth.  We aim to foster inspired leaders and those generous of heart.  Our program builds leadership and communication skills, and assists participants with social, personal and emotional issues.  All activities are offered free to participants, made possible by the generous monetary, resource, and time donations of our program supporters.

BHH hosts six-week leadership courses, workshops and seminars partnering children and horses.   Our target group is able-bodied children and young adults aged 8 to 26 years old, but the primary demographic is aged 8 to 18.  We use a variety of activities and methodologies, which include ground exercises, equine body work and riding, as well as some specialty workshops and seminars to accomplish our mission.

Program participants are selected by Program Directors and come from a variety of referral sources such as social service organizations, public and private schools, educators, counselors and parents. On average, we work with approximately 80 children per year.  Most activities are conducted at Maddi’s Friesian Ranch, a beautiful facility at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Douglas County, owned and generously offered to BHH by Ruth Page and Greg Walsh.  We sometimes use other local equine facilities as well.

BHH has three well-trained and loving horses, Rascal, Tru, and Lisette, and we have use of several privately owned horses through the generosity of their owners.  Our classes and workshops are fun and educational.  BHH gives children meaningful and engaging experiences using positive and fun methods of learning.  The program is an avenue in which the students learn skills for working with horses, other people and themselves.

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