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​Empowering Youth  Through Horsemanship
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Mission & Vision

Have you ever seen magic happen before your eyes?  Fear turns to confidence, aggression to patience, timidity to self-esteem, and selfishness to kindness. Leadership and communication skills, trust, courage, and compassion are only a few of the spectacular skills that youth develop when they are paired with horses in the Between Horses and Humans programs.

We provide a welcoming, non-judgmental place for children and youth to set aside the labels and challenges of their everyday lives, giving them a unique opportunity to connect with their own authentic and capable selves, as they learn to handle and care for the horses.  At the BHH barn, in the presence of our horse and human facilitators, students can begin to feel peace and understand balance. Over time, they develop new strategies to help them cope with challenging life situations and experience a happier, healthier, more productive future

Our classes and workshops are fun and educational.  We use a variety of methodologies, combining ground exercises, equine body work and riding, along with workshops and seminars, to accomplish our mission of “providing youth a place to learn leadership and life skills through horsemanship.”

The magic and love of horses help create in children an inner state of calmness and ease from which they can deal with life’s challenges and questions.

All children deserve a future with love, joy and hope in it.

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