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In Memory



January 27, 1994 - January 19, 2021

Freddy was a wonderful character, with a sparkle in his eye.  He was a very willing partner and quite entertaining, always making us laugh.  He was 27 years old but acted like he was 10!  Freddy had a long and illustrious jumping career before retiring from competition. He loved his new career in the leadership program.  Freddie was approximately 16.1 hands, a beautiful bay, Dutch Warmblood, with 3 white socks.  

Fred was able to finish out the last 2 years of his life just being a horse, bossing us around, and getting spoiled as all get out. He truly knew love. Freddy has a big spirit, sweet and feisty and everything in between. He was loved by many. Fred will be truly missed but we will feel him at the ranch and in our hearts forever.

RIP big Freddy. We love you!



All of us here at BHH are sad to announce the passing of our magnificent Goose. Goose had a long and wonderful career here at the barn helping to heal all those that had the honor to know him. He was strong and steady with a sense of humor and loved his job working with the kids. While it is a sad day, we hope your hearts are full of fond memories and stories of the beloved Goose.



A Final Farewell to Mo

May 8, 2017:

It is with a heavy, broken heart that I write you to share the sorrowful news of the passing of our precious, loving, kind pony Mo today at the age of 24.

Mo will be greatly missed and has been an angel to so many.  Please share this new with your child so they are not shocked when they come to the barn for their lesson.  We will help as much as possible with their grieving process.

Maybe they can write a poem, or draw a picture of Mo, or a painting, or write a story and bring to the barn to share. Mo was so so special.

"To live a life full of love and giving is to live a rich and beautiful life"

"Being with our elders gives us a chance to help others and in turn gain their wisdom"


Mo’s Bio:

Darling little Mo is only small in stature, being a dark bay female pony of 14’2 hands and 21 years old, but she is big in so many ways like in giving love and nurturing to all the children who are fortunate enough to spend some time with her. She was a competitive jumper pony who came home from most shows with Grand Championship ribbons. She loved her job of jumping but not in comparison to her time frolicking with children.

Our dearest Gonza passed on Saturday October 28th, 2017 at the age of 28.


She was precious to many.  After a wonderful lifetime with her long-time parents Ray and Jennifer as a well loved dressage horse, BHH was blessed to have Gonza become a part of our family.  She taught us all about compassion, tolerance, patience and how to take care of our elders with love, respect and tenderness."

Silver Says Goodbye and Passes Peacefully

Our beloved Silver passed Sept 28, 2018 at 8:45am, with many who loved

him both 4 legged and 2 legged.  With the great dignity he lived life from,

he passed with.

When I asked him if he was ready, he simply walked away from his

bucket of apples. He also paused, looked around as if enjoying for the last

time the mountains, the fall trees, the clouds and breeze, and looking

back at his best friends, Fred, whom he has been with for almost 16 years,

Rascal, Mari, Tru, and Doc. He was so peaceful.


Thank you all for your words of comfort and great stories about Silver.

He is at peace, and his health struggles are over.  Now it is time for us to

have our fond memories and stories help us through this time of grief. 


With love comes sorrow, but this is better than not knowing and

experiencing love. 


"Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."  How true.

Silver's Bio:

Silver is a very beautiful, charming and super intelligent Irish warmblood gelding, standing 17 hands. Even though he was very successful and famous in his career doing the 4’ Hunters and then Jumpers, he feels most successful and satisfied because of his work with children. Silver is 26 years of age, but he still feels and acts like he is in his prime! There is nothing better than being hugged by Silver. He makes your heart soar and puts a tingle down your spine. 

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