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Meet the Horses


Donated to BHH by Ruth Page and Greg Walsh of Maddi's Friesian Ranch, the lovely Lisette has joined the team in September of 2020. Lisette is a purebred Friesian mare and was a brood mare at the ranch. She has had 10 babies! She is super sweet, gentle, and loves working with the students. Her kind, gentle, and loving nature make her a perfect fit for our program.


Rascal is a beautiful being inside and out. She is very easy going and looks forward to her time with people. She is very dedicated to the participants of the leadership program and will warm your heart with her kind nature and willingness. She spent the first seven years or so of her life studying dressage. She is approximately 16.1, a gorgeous bay with white socks and a blaze.  

Doc - Retired

Doc is owned by Ruth Page and Greg Walsh of Maddi's Friesian Ranch, and generously lent to Between Horses and Humans for student lessons.  When most people first meet Doc they are in awe of his beautiful buckskin color, but after spending 5 minutes with him they are more in awe of his kind and loving spirit. He is so willing and patient, that everyone who handles him comes away feeling empowered, more courageous and floating on a cloud of success. Doc is a gelding, approximately 15 hands and around 27 years old.


Tru is an Icelandic pony.  He'll turn 20 on May 21, 2022. Even though he's called a pony, he carries himself like a true horse.  Diana, one of our BHH volunteers, knows Tru well - she's ridden him a lot.  He belonged to Diana's friend, who was looking for a new home for Tru - of course BHH was the perfect fit!  Tru has experience as a therapy horse, and he just loves serving children.  Of course they love him back!


Mari is owned by volunteer instructor Cindy Cowan, and generously made available to Between Horses and Humans students.  Mari was born as Spott’s Elegance, in Iowa, showed her grandaddy’s (Color of Fame) sparkle and kindness early on. She was destined to be a show horse, but really didn’t love the show circuit. She was settled in Gardnerville, where she bounced from the pasture to Camp Richardson as a wrangler horse for a summer. She didn’t have a purpose or a job and had withdrawn by putting up layers of emotion and fear.

Cindy met Mari in 2009. Mari wanted to trust and tried very hard to open up, but it wasn’t until Cindy called Barbara Slade to work with Mari, did she begin to see that life was safe, fun, and fulfilling. As layers of emotion were shed, Mari started to work with the children of Between Horses and Humans. She loves children!!! She loves to reach around her neck and hug those that are fearful just as she was, to help kids release their tensions and learn to love life.  
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