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Ruth Page & Greg Walsh

Maddi’s Friesian Ranch

Ruth Page and Greg Walsh opened their hearts and home to Between Horses and Humans in the fall of 2013. Since that time, I have had to pinch myself several times over. For all of us involved in the Between Horses and Humans program, from students to instructors, the move to Maddi’s Friesian Ranch in Gardnerville, NV is a dream come true!

It is so rare to meet people who are genuinely “real and true”, so unconditionally generous, kind, helpful and truly involved in: “Changing Lives and Healing Hearts.”

Maddi’s Friesian Ranch started in 2007 and is the largest Friesian breeder in North America. KFPS (the registry in Holland) has named Maddi’s Friesian Ranch as the number one breeder in North America every year since the award started in 2012!

Located in Gardnerville, Nevada, Maddi’s Friesian Ranch sits at the base of the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains – just a few minutes away from the south side of Lake Tahoe. Our program horses have 177 acres and plenty of pasture area so they can get out and be horses!

Everyone who is a part of Between Horses and Humans would like to thank Ruth Page and Greg Walsh. We wish them all the success with their breeding operation that they have brought to Between Horses and Humans!

For more information, check out this TAHOMES Ranch Life video article all about Maddi’s Friesian Ranch.

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