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Samantha and Freddie

Samantha and Freddie have a very special relationship. Samantha credits Freddie with “basically saving her life”. She had a tough time with a close friend last year, and was suffering from depression. Her time at Between Horses and Humans (BHH) has changed her for the better.

Samantha says Freddie is her best friend – she describes how she even tried to braid his hair once! She enjoys coming out to the ranch and spending time with Freddie in the arena while talking to Barbara Slade (BHH President).

Barbara speaks very highly of Samantha and what she has accomplished. She has a natural ability to work with the horses, and frequently points things out to Barbara about the horses. Samantha can get Freddie to do many things nobody else can get him to do. Samantha is extremely proud of that.

Samantha and Freddie undoubtedly have a very special bond, and Freddie has helped to change Samantha’s life and heal her heart.

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