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The Heart of Between Horses & Humans Volunteers

Between Horses and Humans is all about teaching leadershipthrough horsemanship, changing lives and healing hearts. The volunteers at BHH all have such incredible kindness and compassion – they are the heart of the program. While each volunteer is unique and has different gifts and talents, there are certain qualities that all BHH volunteers share.

BHH volunteers are not about recognition and public acknowledgement. They volunteer with generosity and joy, and they look forward to their time with the kids and the horses. They recognize the blessing that comes to them from being a part of life transformation. BHH President Barbara Slade says, “One of the reasons we are so unique is that our people are so humble and kind, and we attract such positive energy. These people are so respectful of the children. That’s my number one thing – to give the child respect.”

The BHH program is all about teaching and guiding children without taking away their being or sense of self. Adults teach, share, and direct, but they do it in such a way as to never make the child feel inferior. Barbara says, “My joy with this program is that I get to listen to these kids. They know what they’re feeling. As an adult I get to listen and discern what they’re saying and feeling. Maybe they need someone to interject. Maybe they just need to be heard. I listen first, then share and direct.”

BHH volunteers avoid saying, “Do it this way” in relation to a problem or issue. Instead they say “In my opinion…” They always give the child a choice as to whether they take the suggestion or not. And in case you were wondering, you can’t lie to a child or a horse! Volunteers are honest.

The heart of BHH volunteers is the heart of the program. Our volunteers are humble, kind, generous, honest, and compassionate. They bring a very special energy to what they do and how they interact with the children.

They are the perfect ingredient in the BHH recipe for changing lives and healing hearts.

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