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2023 Community Survey

To our community:

Between Horses and Humans (BHH) serves the youth and families of Douglas County and beyond by pairing youth with horses to build confidence, trust and relationships, where there may not have been before. We are seeking input from our community to gauge the awareness and perception of our organization so that we may be better prepared for the coming years to offer the kinds of programming needed in our community. Thank you for being here - we look forward to your feedback!

Purpose of the Survey:

This survey is designed to understand your perspective on our mission, goals, and priorities for the next five years. Your feedback will be instrumental in guiding BHH towards a brighter future, and ensuring we continue to serve our community effectively.

Survey details:

The survey may take you approximately 10-15 minutes. There are questions regarding your thoughts on the organization's current state, including strengths and weaknesses, the organization's mission and vision, goals and priorities for the future, fundraising, communication with the community, and more.

Thank you!

We are eager to hear your thoughts and opinions to understand your awareness of our organization better, your perceptions of our mission, and how we can better serve the community. Your feedback is invaluable, whether you are already familiar with BHH or not.

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